Ann Wilson Says She Had No Idea Chris Cornell Even Cared About Heart


Heart icon Ann Wilson spoke to music journalist Eamon O’Neill. She recalled when she and the late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell shared a special moment. The musician revealed that she didn’t know anything about Cornell’s admiration for Heart.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2013 consisted of legendary artists and bands, Rush, Public Enemy, Heart, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, and Albert King. Cornell inducted the band during the ceremony as their close friend and a musician who always admired the Wilson sisters’ talents and Heart songs. The singer’s emotional and intimate speech received positive and kind comments, especially on social media.

Unfortunately, a few years later, Cornell, struggling with severe depression for a very long time, passed away because of suicide by hanging on May 18, 2017. His death devastated everyone around him, and Ann Wilson opened up about losing him so early, saying she wasn’t surprised because Cornell couldn’t see himself as a part of this world. Also, Wilson paid tribute to him on her ‘Immortal’ album’s ‘I’m the Highway’ cover which initially belonged to Audioslave’s self-titled debut studio album.

During a recent interview, Wilson revealed details about the induction ceremony. She admitted that she had no idea that Cornell even cared about Heart even though they had known each other. The musician defined Cornell as a sweet, dynamic, troubled, and complicated soul. Wilson said it was amazing to see him talking about the band and glowing free from his depression and other problems.

Wilson said in her interview that:

“I didn’t know that he was going to induct us. So when it came, and Chris was up there doing it, it was emotional because it was so personal and so intimate.”

He was such a sweet soul. He was complicated, dynamic, troubled. To see him up there glowing and giving this thing was moving to me; I remember that. I had no idea that he even cared about our band that much. We knew each other as friends, but we never talked together about Heart before, so it was a cool moment.”

You can check out the induction below.