Scott Ian Clarifies His Statement On Kerry King And Slayer Reunion

In a new Instagram post, Scott Ian talked about his recent words on Kerry King and Slayer reunion.

The guitarist said he jokingly wrote King and thanked him for making him seem like a liar. Still, some misinterpreted his comments. Ian shared a photo with King and wrote in the caption:

“I was recently asked in an interview with Classic Rock about Slayer’s upcoming shows. It seems like some people are confused about how I answered the question – maybe because they weren’t on the call and couldn’t see the smile on my face or hear me laughing as I answered. I wrote a lighthearted text to Kerry and said, ‘Thanks for making me look like a liar’ as a joke.”

The Musician Thought Slayer Retired Early

Ian went on to clarify his other statement about Slayer:

“And when I say, ‘Personally I thought it was too soon’ that was in reference to Slayer retiring, not about them coming back to play shows. There you have it, straight from the beard’s mouth. If you’d like to read the article which I think is quite good – it’s at the link in my bio. Cheers, Scott.”

What Did Ian Say Exactly?

Scott sat down with Classic Rock for an interview and shared how he felt about Slayer’s comeback for some shows in the fall of 2024:

“I wrote to Kerry [King] and said: ‘Thanks for making me look like a liar.'”

Anthrax toured with Slayer, Lamb of God, Behemoth, and Testament in 2018 for Slayer’s goodbye tour. Ian referred to that and added:

“We were on Slayer’s goodbye tour for over a hundred shows. During that year and a half together, I got the sense that if they said they were ending, then that’s what was happening. Personally, I felt it was too soon – the world needs Slayer – but I took them at their word on that. I really felt that they would be the one band that when they said they were retiring, they’d be done for good.”

Slayer is coming back for a show at Riot Fest on September 22, their first since breaking up in 2019. Then, King, Tom Araya, Gary Holt, and Paul Bostaph will play more gigs at Louder Than Life and the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento on October 10.

You can see Ian’s post below.

Photo Credit: Scott Ian – Instagram