Brian May Says Adam Lambert Is Not An Imitation Of Freddie Mercury

During a recent appearance on BBC Radio Machester for an interview, Queen guitarist Brian May stated that Adam Lambert is not an imitator of Freddie Mercury.

Queen lost their legendary frontman Freddie Mercury in 1991, but they still decided to continue performing with other lead singers. They didn’t think of it as a replacement for Mercury, yet they wanted to carry Queen’s legacy. The first name who joined the remaining members was Paul Rodgers. He performed with the band between 2004 and 2009 under the name of Queen + Paul Rodgers.

Later on, Queen offered Adam Lambert to perform with them after seeing him on American Idol. Lambert delivered his first show with the band in 2012 and still performs with Roger Taylor and Brian May under the name of Queen + Adam Lambert. Freddie Mercury was such a unique singer that every vocalist who sings with Queen is always compared to the late frontman.

During a recent appearance, Brian May revealed how it is to perform with Lambert on the stage. The guitarist referred to Lambert as a great singer and character and explained that he is not an imitator of Mercury in any way. May thinks Adam Lambert adds a different energy to the shows and recreates everything in his way. He is talented enough to come through anything that they throw at him. The guitarist also praised his voice and the fun he brings to the stage.

Brian May’s words on working with Adam Lambert:

“He is great. It is like new blood, really. He is not an imitator of Freddie in any way whatsoever.  He can do it all; no matter what we throw at him, he can do it. He brings a lot of fun to it and has a great personality. He has got an extraordinary voice and will to recreate everything. So, it is like having a younger brother on tour with us. He is fantastic, absolutely amazing.”

You can listen to the entire radio broadcast below.