How Rod Stewart Survived From Two Cancer Diagnosis

Rod Stewart has been a great musician with his best-selling albums and hit tracks in the rock music world. Stewart peaked in his career in 1971 with the album entitled ‘Every Picture Tells a Story,’ which became number one both in the US and UK. Thanks to his hit singles and chart-topping albums, Stewart was awarded Grammy and Brit awards and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame In 1994.

While Stewart continued his successful music career, he faced some difficulties in his personal life. The rocker struggled with his health issues multiple times. He was initially diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000, which affected his music career. Stewart later dealt with prostate cancer in 2017 after he was cancer-free from thyroid cancer. Fortunately, the successful rocker managed to survive both times.

Rod Stewart Initially Survived Thyroid Cancer

While Stewart was continuing his work in the rock scene as a successful musician, his sudden diagnosis of thyroid cancer caused him worries. Initially, Stewart was dealing with a benign vocal nodule. However, he revealed that he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the following process.

As USA Today reported, the sudden diagnosis was scary for Stewart. However, he was lucky because the cancer grew slowly, and the doctors removed the tumor surgically. This health problem, which threatened his life, caused him a challenging process, but he was able to get rid of it.

Rod Stewart explained:

“Needless to say, it was a shock. But fortunately, I had particularly slow-growing thyroid cancer, which was surgically removed, and now I have a clean bill of health. As anyone who has been through this experience knows, when you are so close to something that is potentially life-threatening, you tend to get your life in perspective.”

During an interview with ITV, the rocker stated that although it was easier to get rid of it, he lost his voice entirely and faced difficulties in the performances. Stewart explained that he spent a long time remembering how to sing after the medication.

Stewart said in his words:

“I don’t want to pretend I fought cancer for months and months. It was really easy to get rid of, but I did lose my voice, totally gone. It was scary because I couldn’t sing a note. You know, they chop right through your throat, all the muscles are torn apart, and they’ve all got memories, so they have to remember again. So it took me a long time. I’d start off, ‘Wake up, Maggie’ oh, it’s gone. ‘Wake up, Maggie, I think I’ve got..’ oh, it’s gone again. It took me that long; it took me six months to get it back again.”

Though Rod Stewart had gone through one of the most worrying experiences, the singer’s challenging times weren’t over. He had another scary diagnosis in the following years that he had to deal with, but Stewart was brave enough to come through.

Rod Stewart Was Diagnosed With Cancer For The Second Time

Unfortunately, this was not the last time Rod Stewart was diagnosed with cancer after recovering from thyroid cancer. The rocker was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017, as he revealed after two years. It became a more challenging process for him to deal with cancer for the second time.

As reported in The Guardian, Stewart stated that he was lucky as he was diagnosed early. The musician expressed his happiness of being utterly healthy after dealing with cancer for two years during his speech for the Prostate Project charity.

During the speech, he also pointed to the importance of regular check-ups. The rocker indicated the importance of early diagnosis by giving an example from his own experience. He advised people to get routine medical controls.

Rod Stewart said in his words:

“Two years ago, I was ­diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’m in the clear now, simply because I caught it early. I’ve worked for two years, and I’ve just been happy, and the good Lord looked after me. Guys, you’ve got to really go to the doctor. Finger up the bum, no harm done.”

Fortunately, Rod Stewart has been living a healthy life after beating cancer twice. As a musician who knew the hardships faced during these processes, Stweart has actively raised funds for The City Of Hope Foundation charity.