Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker Says All The Bands Are Copies Of The Beatles And The Rolling Stones

Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker recently joined Goldmine Magazine for an interview and claimed all rock bands in the scene are just the imitations of iconic bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

After Gene Simmons’ 2014 claim about rock music’s current status, many artists in the rock scene stood up to it. According to Simmons, rock music was dead because of the contemporary rock musicians. He then elaborated on this remark, saying that there aren’t any new representatives of rock that are successful like their progenitors.

Among others, Scorpions also protested against the claim ‘rock is dead’ with their album’ Rock Believer.’ In December 2021, Rudolf Schenker stated that Scorpions is the living proof that rock isn’t dead, as they have been actively making music in the scene for over 50 years with a massive fanbase of rock believers worldwide.

In a more recent interview with Goldmine Magazine, Rudolf Schenker again talked about Scorpions’ latest album, ‘Rock Believer,’ and revealed his thoughts on rock music’s future. Schenker said that rock never dies, and nobody can take away rock from bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, and Rolling Stones.

According to Rudolf Schenker, every band other than these are an excellent copy of them, but they aren’t as successful. The guitarist then touched upon Scorpions’ album ‘Rock Believer,’ saying they have believed in rock since 1965. Moreover, he stated that they noticed there were many new rock believers out there, so they didn’t want to bid farewell to the music scene.

Speaking to Goldmine Magazine, Rudolf Schenker said the following:

Rock never dies, and it all comes from the foundation, bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Rolling Stones — there’s the foundation. Nobody can take that away from them. Everything else is a copy, a nice copy [laughs], but not as strong as the originals.”

He then continued:

“But yes, ‘Rock Believer’ as a title: We are also rock believers from those foundation years. The Scorpions were born in 1965! You know, a few years ago, we wanted to do a farewell tour, but then we noticed that there were so many new rock believers. We play now for three generations of them. This is our life! Play ‘MTV Unplugged’ — fantastic! Go and do ‘Comeblack’ — great!

Then we see that there is the 50th anniversary of the Scorpions name. And now we are coming out with the album that is 50 years after our first album. That’s fantastic. Believe in rock. Believe in music. When I was 24, they would ask me, friends, and people, ‘Hey, what do you want to do when you’re 30?’ I said, ‘I love music and want to stay with music.’ Now, these people are somewhere, but I’m still here.”

As Schenker said, there are still millions of rock music fans, and Scorpions has been playing for them for over 5 decades. His bandmate Klaus Meine is also of the same opinion, arguing that Scorpions prove the ‘rock is dead’ claim wrong.