Scorpions’ Klaus Meine Reacts To Pink Floyd’s Decision To Reunite

In a recent interview with Ukraine’s TSN, Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine positively talked about Pink Floyd‘s decision to reunite to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

The invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine awakened a feeling of solidarity all over the world. Many musicians and artists took their social media accounts to voice their support for Ukraine. Some of them have also taken action, like Pink Floyd. After almost three decades, the band members reunited and returned to the recording studio for the song, ‘Hey Hey Rise Up.’ The track also included vocals from Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the band BoomBox.

Scorpions was also another band that showed their support to Ukraine by taking action. The group changed the lyrics of their iconic song,Wind of Change,‘ as a tribute to Ukraine. The band performed the new version for the first time in their Las Vegas show on March 26. The hit anti-war song was initially about the end of the Cold War and Russia’s political transformation.

When asked whether he listened to Pink Floyd’s new song in support of Ukraine, Klaus Meine said he didn’t. Then, he listened to it during the interview. The singer stated that it is very significant for musicians to express their emotions through making music. Thus, he thinks positively about Pink Floyd’s decision to reunite to support the Ukrainian people. For Meine, all the artists should stand together against the war and raise their voices.

Klaus Meine’s thoughts on Pink Floyd’s new music to support Ukraine:

“As musicians, we are at home in the world of emotions, so it’s important that you express your feelings through the music. I think everybody right now, musicians, and artists, should stand together. We all hope this war will be over soon.”

You can watch the rest of the interview and listen to Pink Floyd’s song below.