Satchel Says He Hated Van Halen’s ’5150’ Album And That’s Why He Formed Steel Panther


Steel Panther guitarist Satchel opened up about the Van Halen album ‘5150’ and the song ‘Dreamer’ during an interview with the Guitar World and revealed that he did not like that album at first since the frontman of the band was changed in this album, however, he stated that he avoids evolving, that’s why he formed Steel Panter.

As many of you know, ‘5150’ is the seventh studio album by Van Halen which was released on March 24, 1986, gaining major success as it peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. In addition to its success, the album is the first one to feature Sammy Hagar as the lead vocalist after David Lee Roth’s departure.

Due to the fact that the legendary band Van Halen had two iconic eras with two iconic lead vocalists, there are many people picking their favorite between Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth. Some loyal fans were even furious that the line-up was ruined after Roth’s departure, while some believed Hagar was a blessing to the band.

Apparently, Steel Panther guitarist was one of those people as he revealed during an interview, apparently, Satchel was not into Van Halen’s album ‘5150’ at the beginning due to the line-up change in the band. Furthermore, he admitted that evolving and changing are somethings he always avoids, therefore, he founded Steel Panther so that he never has to change.

Here is what Satchel said:

This record, 5150, took some time to grow on me because I was so mad Van Halen split up. And it didn’t sound like the Van Halen I knew – they were growing and evolving. I hated that when I was younger. That’s probably why I formed Steel Panther, so I could just be happy not growing or evolving.

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