Bruce Springsteen Shares His Secret To Protect His Voice

Preserving their voice after many years of singing is essential to vocalists as it is their primary instrument to deliver good shows. So, singers must adopt a proper lifestyle to ensure their vocal health. As an artist who has been performing for over five decades, Bruce Springsteen opened up about his methods to keep his voice strong during a new chat with BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball.

“I was never much for like playing a show and then going out to the club or going out to a party,” Springsteen replied when asked how he has looked after himself during the tours. “It always seems like people burn their voices out not on stage but talking in a nightclub [laughs]. I always found out that if I burned my voice out, it was because I stayed up after the show for three to four hours.”

So, the singer has been able to keep his voice healthy by being careful with his lifestyle while on the road. He said, “And so, my voice has been so good to me that I know that I need to do for it to do its work. And when I’m on the road, I’m pretty much of a monk. I do the show, I go back to the hotel, and I work on music or write a little bit.”

“[There are] so many ways you can burn your voice out, I’m careful not to do that because fans come in, they all pay for those three hours of viewing your best,” Bruce added, sharing his respect for the audience coming to see him perform. Springsteen concluded, “So, it is corny, but once I’m on the road, I focus my whole life around being on stage.”

When singers do not take good care of their voices or build a healthy lifestyle, struggling with vocal issues becomes inevitable. Eventually, it frequently causes artists to cancel or postpone their shows, disappointing fans. However, it seems unlikely that Bruce Springsteen will experience such situations, considering the rocker’s careful attitude to protect his voice.