Sammy Hagar Sheds Light On Eddie Van Halen’s Dark Side While Talking About His Post-VH Years


During his appearance on Geoff Edgers’ Instagram Live show, Sammy Hagar stated that he might have talked about Eddie Van Halen’s dark side differently if he knew that the guitarist would pass away early.

As you probably know, Sammy Hagar released his autobiography named ‘Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock’ on March 1, 2011. His book is based on Hagar’s personal life and musical journey from Van Halen to his solo career. In the book, he also shared unknown details about when he was playing with the late Van Halen founder, Eddie Van Halen.

Hagar described Eddie’s situation saying that he was messed up and heavily addicted to alcohol. Also, he presented Eddie as a volcano that was ready to erupt. However, Hagar revealed that he regretted what he wrote about Eddie Van Halen and apologized after his death. He emphasized that he should have written about Eddie’s positive sides, such as his remarkable talent as a guitarist.

In a recent Instagram live show, Hagar said that he isn’t trying to backpedal and does feel sorry for what he wrote in the book, which is why he has apologized numerous times. Nonetheless, the Red Rocker added that the things he wrote about Eddie Van Halen were harsh but true. Hagar then said he wouldn’t have shared his dark side in the book if he could have predicted Eddie’s early death.

Hagar said in his interview that:

“Yes. I’m not trying to backpedal and apologize. I’ve already apologized in public. I loved Eddie Van Halen as much as anybody loved him on this planet. He had a dark side. We all know that he got sick. If I could have seen the future, he was going to pass early like this and have such a sad thing, I definitely would have left the dark side out of it. I just really would have, I would have swept the dark side out.”

Thus, it is clear that Sammy Hagar wished to share more positive things about Eddie Van Halen, and he was sad about highlighting Eddie’s dark side in his autobiography. However, he also mentioned that he didn’t need to apologize, as he didn’t lie.