Sammy Hagar Shares The ‘Darkest Song’ He’s Ever Written

Artists get inspired by everything, including tragic events, bad periods, and overwhelming feelings. As it turns out, Sammy Hagar also experienced some dark feelings and turned them into a song in the Circle’s latest effort, ‘Crazy Times.’ Hagar discussed each album track in the recent video he shared on his official YouTube channel and revealed that one of them is the darkest song he has written throughout his music career.

A year after the coronavirus lockdown sessions album ‘Lockdown 2020,’ Sammy Hagar and the Circle released  ‘Crazy Times.’ The band members had previously shared that the world has been different since the pandemic, and this album reflects those drastic changes. Although all the tracks have been praised for various reasons, ‘Childhood’s End’ stands out, at least for Sammy.

“The last song on the album, ‘Childhood’s End,’ is my epic,” said Sammy Hagar. “It’s my ‘Stairway To Heaven’ or my ‘Freebird.’ I love this song and what it’s about. It’s the darkest song I’ve ever written, and there’s a reason for it because, after COVID, it seems like the world had to grow up.”

He continued, “Everyone had it, man. It’s like, ‘Get your head out of the sand. We’re not kids anymore. We’ve got something to deal with here, and the whole world has to deal with it.’ It was like the end of adolescence. To me, it was like, ‘Okay, it’s over.’ You know, ‘The dream is over.’ No pretending. No ‘hey all, goodbye,’ you know, skirting around.”

The Red Rocker then revealed how he felt after the pandemic and how he used those feelings in the song. He explained, “Sh*t got serious, to me, and I think everyone had to grow up, pull up their pants, put another notch in their belt, and say, ‘You know, I’ve got to figure this out.’ All the negative information… Just the imagery of these lyrics — they poured out of me. I mean, I didn’t have to think about it for 2 seconds.”

As the title suggests, the song ‘Childhood’s End’ is about growing up after experiencing a traumatizing incident. According to Hagar, he was inspired by the global pandemic while writing this song as it showed everyone they had to mature and start taking certain things seriously. Moreover, he admitted it wasn’t challenging to come up with the lyrics as ‘Childhood’s End’ didn’t even take two seconds to write.