Poison Drummer Mocks People Attacking Taylor Swift: ‘She’s Making F—k You Money’

Poison’s drummer Rikki Rockett recently took to X to voice his support for Taylor Swift amidst criticism, emphasizing her significant success.

Rockett tweeted the following, defending Swift’s status in the music industry and her financial accomplishments:

“Taylor Swift is making f*ck you money, and none of your b*tchin’ matters! It’s so damn funny how twisted people get. Well done!”

Rockett Shows Respect For Draiman’s Stance

The musician’s tweet followed an incident where Disturbed’s David Draiman addressed Swift’s critics during a concert. On January 19 in Peoria, Ill., Draiman brought two young fans and their fathers on stage, acknowledging that despite attending a rock concert, Swift still holds an important in music. Draiman praised Swift for her live performances and musical authenticity, saying:

“Don’t talk sh*t about Taylor Swift. She is for real. And she’s making sure that an entire generation of new music fans understand what it means to actually play music live.”

In a separate previous tweet, Rockett reposted this news of the Disturbed singer and expressed his respect for Draiman’s open-mindedness, writing:

“Respect to Dave Draiman, who is obviously secure in what he does and appreciates hard work. Right on man!”

Rockett’s Views On Swift’s Impact On Music

In October 2023, Rikki shared his thoughts on Swift’s influence compared to contemporary rock bands. On the Totally ’80s podcast, he suggested:

“Now, I don’t think rock has any social-cultural movement, and that’s the problem. Nobody stands for anything right now. Actually, Taylor Swift has more bravery than most rock bands these days — not afraid to open her mouth and go against the man. Rock bands play the game now.”

Draiman has long admired Taylor, as shown in a previous interview where he praised her songwriting and expressed interest in collaborating. He also commended her authenticity and live performances, alongside other pop artists like Pink and Lady Gaga.

See Rikki’s tweets below.