Sammy Hagar Shares His Three Rules To Success

Sammy Hagar recently spoke about his accomplishments and gave three secrets to reaching that success. According to Hagar, trying to bring another musician down for your career, having small dreams, and not being passionate are not the ways to the top.

The Red Rocker started to establish his success in the ’70s when he launched a solo career after leaving Montrose. His 1984 hit, ‘I Can’t Drive 55,’ contributed significantly to his future success. His musical talents and appreciated vocals gave him the fuel to live a long-lasting career, work with iconic names and become an icon himself.

Hagar joined Van Halen to replace David Lee Roth in 1985 and left in 1996. Aside from his musical career and notable tenure with ‘Van Hagar,’ the singer is known to be a successful businessman who ventures off in many directions. Hagar found Cabo Wabo tequila brand and Sammy Beach Bar rum, well-known in the USA. This success in many areas has been an inspiration for everyone.

Recently, Hagar revealed whether he has a secret to his success and named three essential points. The singer stated that he doesn’t get in anyone’s way, and he doesn’t want anyone to get in his way. The second point is to have a good idea and put everything you got into that vision. Finally, you have to believe in that idea’s greatness because quality is essential.

Here are Hagar’s three secrets to success:

“Number one, don’t ever f*ck anybody. I don’t want to get f*cked, and I won’t f*ck anybody. It’s all about ‘win-win-win,’ that’s a big rule to me. If I feel one little inch of ‘Uh oh, somebody’s gonna get f*cked,’ I run. I’m out of there quickly. Number one, don’t ever wanna f*ck anybody.

You have to have a good idea. You have to believe in it. I mean, really believe it and put a hundred percent of everything you’ve got available to make it come true. Otherwise, success is tough, man. Especially a big crazy new, fresh, original idea.

You gotta believe. Make sure it’s a good idea. It’s quality and commitment, and I can tell you. Keep that rule in your pocket, don’t ever f*ck anybody; there is no reason to. Everybody can win. That’ll keep you clean, and you can live with yourself.”

His secrets seemed fair and familiar as Hagar was never known to have destroyed someone’s career for the sake of his own. Instead, he came up with ideas that he believed in and made sure he committed what was necessary for that idea to come true.