Sammy Hagar Says Alex Van Halen Is Not ‘Flashy’ Like Neil Peart

Sammy Hagar recently appeared on Lipps Service with Scott Lipps to give an interview and during their conversation, the Red Rocker stated Alex Van Halen is different than Neil Peart.

As you know, Alex Van Halen played drums in Van Halen alongside his brother Eddie Van Halen and, at some point, Sammy Hagar. Sadly, Van Halen left the music scene following Eddie’s tragic death in 2020, and Alex has been mourning his brother’s passing ever since.

During his appearance on Lipps Service, Sammy Hagar compared the drumming skills of the musicians he has played with. He then commented on the talents of Jason Bonham, his father John Bonham, and Chad Smith. Apart from that, the Circle singer also discussed Alex Van Halen with the host Scott Lipps.

In the interview, Scott Lipps argued that Alex Van Halen is an underrated drummer. He then stated the public doesn’t know his value, even though Alex is one of the greatest drummers ever. Following that, Hagar confirmed this and said it’s because Alex is not flashy like Neil Peart.

The host, Scott Lips, said during the interview:

“I think Alex Van Halen is such an underrated drummer. I mean, we know him as one of the greatest drummers ever, but I think the public doesn’t realize how incredible he is.”

Sammy Hagar then agreed:

“Yeah, he’s not all flashy like Neil Peart or somebody like that.”

Although Alex Van Halen has stopped making musical efforts since Eddie’s death, he is still considered one of the most talented drummers in the rock and metal scenes. It appears Sammy Hagar thinks the same, but as Alex chooses not to be at the forefront, his talents go unnoticed.