Sammy Hagar Recalls Performing Instead Of Queen When Freddie Mercury Got Sick 

Sammy Hagar posted a throwback photo on his Instagram account from 1977 and recalled the time he had the chance to headline when Queen canceled their show due to Freddie’s illness. However, Thin Lizzy took that chance from him as they sabotaged his show the following day.

In support of their 1976 album, ‘A Day and the Races,’ Queen went on a tour and realized for the first time how much their fans had embraced and loved them. The tour was enlightening for the band as they saw how big they were getting and enjoyed their audience singing their songs with them.

Their opening acts were Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Head East, and The Outlaws. When Freddie Mercury got sick and had to cancel their show in Sacramento, Thin Lizzy became the headliner. According to the recent post by Sammy Hagar, he was supposed to replace Queen that night, but Thin Lizzy took his place.

The second day, he managed to perform instead of Queen, but Thin Lizzy sabotaged him by trying to turn off his monitors. He reminisced these days as the good old days of rock and roll rivalry and stated that he was upset about not playing with Queen. While responding to a comment, Hagar noted that there were no hard feelings, only rivalry, especially from their management team and not the band.

Here is his caption:

“Flashback to 1977 at the Selland Arena in Fresno. That’s Gary Pihl in the background!

Freddie Mercury was sick, Queen canceled in Sacramento the night before this Fresno show, and I was asked to headline. But Thin Lizzy said they were going to headline, so I opened the show. Needless to say, in my hometown where I had sold out the same building: We killed it.

The next night in Fresno, Queen canceled again so I was asked to play Fresno as well which I did. Thin Lizzy tried to turn my monitors off and tried to get us to shorten our set. Those were the good all days of rock ‘n’ roll rivalries, pretty awesome. The only bummer is I never got to play with Queen.”

A fan commented:

“But you got to play with Phil Lynott! Please say he was a nice guy! Am I the only one that wants to hear Sammy cover a Lizzy song?”

Hagar replied:

“Love the music and everything about thin Lizzy, but their production management team definitely were not cool. I just how to wave to Phil in the hallway no interaction, unfortunately. I’m sure we would’ve got on without the rivalry.”

Hagar was at the beginning of his solo journey during that time, after stepping on the rock and roll scene with Montrose. He was also recognized by Eddie Van Halen shortly afterward and gained his appreciation. Later in 1985, Van Halen recruited Hagar after Eddie’s recommendation, and the Red Rocker became the lead vocalist of the iconic band.

You can see his post below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram