Sammy Hagar Recalls ‘Envying’ Jeff Beck

In a recent conversation with Goldmine, Sammy Hagar looked back on his storied career, spotlighting ten albums that significantly impacted his journey in music. During his statements, the singer acknowledged a sense of jealousy he once held towards the renowned guitarist Jeff Beck.

After naming ‘Truth’ by the Jeff Beck Group as one of his impactful favorites, The Red Rocker shared how his admiration and envy for the late guitarist shaped his musical career by saying:

“Early on in my music career, I was lucky enough to see this band live, and I was completely filled with both envy and admiration. The way that Rod Stewart sang was exactly the way that I wanted to sing. The way that Jeff Beck played guitar was exactly the way that I wanted to play. So, of course, I went and learned every song on this record, both singing and playing guitar. This record has so much to do with who and what I am as a performer today.”

Notably, this isn’t the first occasion on which Hagar has expressed such sentiments about the band’s 1968 album. Back in 2015, during an interview with Classic Rock, the ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ singer conveyed similar thoughts about the influence Stewart and Beck’s musical styles had on his own artistic approach.

Here’s what he said during the interview:

“When I heard the ‘Truth’ album, I tried to be Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck at the same time. I learned every song on it. I knew Beck from the Yardbirds, and I was a big fan, so I was primed to hear him doing his own thing. This record totally blew my mind and changed my life.”

Despite being put together in a swift two-week period, due to the tight schedules of the band members, the album managed to reach number 15 on the US charts upon its release. Following this, a tour was embarked upon with Jimi Hendrix, another Beck fan, contributing to some of the shows.