Marilyn Manson Haters Give The Funeral Portrait A Hard Time For Opening For Him

The Funeral Portrait is facing backlash for opening for Marilyn Manson.

The emo rock band recently agreed to open for Marilyn Manson on three headline dates and has been catching some heat for their decision since then. However, the band’s bassist addressed their reasons in a now-deleted tweet. The bassist wrote:

“I’m sorry my band that has consistently played 200 cap venues for 7 years+ has a chance [to] open shows in front of thousands of people and people wanna be upset by it. If you truly know the people we are and you don’t know the grind we’ve been on, you wouldn’t be mad.”

He added in another tweet:

“If what we are doing isn’t affecting your life personally, then why get mad about it? You weren’t a fan before, and that’s fine. No one is forcing you to go to these shows.”

Why The Backlash?

Manson’s comeback to the music scene follows a period of facing numerous abuse allegations and lawsuits. It all began when his former fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse in February 2021. Other women also stepped forward with similar accusations against Manson. As a result, he was dropped by his record label, agency, and manager.

Manson kept a low profile in the music scene after the allegations. However, earlier this year, he announced his return to performing, supporting Five Finger Death Punch on their headline tour. The allegations caused the emo rock band to face backlash for agreeing to perform with Manson.

How Fans Reacted To The News

After seeing the news, many thought it was embarrassing for The Funeral Portrait to open for Manson. One user wrote:

“The Funeral Portrait opening for Marilyn Manson? Embarrassing.”

Another said that they were happy for the band for finally opening for a big artist, but also slammed the singer:

“I don’t know much about the funeral portrait, but this is the weirdest hill to die on. it’s great that they’re gonna finally be able to open for a big artist, it’s just a shame that said big artist is a massive piece of sh*t.”

You can see the tweets below.