Sammy Hagar Names The Hardest Van Halen Song To Sing Live


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony shared their first post on their brand new Instagram account, ‘Van Hagar / Other Half,’ and the duo revealed footage from the time when the band was performing ‘Dreams’ which is the hardest song to perform according to Hagar.

Dreams’ is the second single from Van Halen’s seventh studio album ‘5150’ which was released on May 24, 1986. The track reached number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when it first released and still considered to be one of the best songs of the band to this day.

As you might recall, Sammy Hagar recently announced that he and Michael Anthony decided to have a brand new Instagram page together in which they’ll be sharing exclusive pictures and videos they find from their archives that belong to the time when they both were a member of Van Halen. While fans were thrilled to hear the news, they were impatiently waiting for a post to come and it finally arrived.

Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony shared a video on their ‘Van Hagar / Other Half’ Instagram page in which Van Halen was performing their legendary song, ‘Dreams’ back in 1993. As the special footage already has more than 30k views, both musicians revealed their opinions about the song and how it felt performing it live.

According to former Van Halen bassist, ‘Dreams’ has always been one of the highlights of performing live with Van Halen, especially thanks to Sammy Hagar’s high notes one after another. For Hagar himself, the track makes him wonder why he chose to sing that song live on such as high note as well as revealing that ‘Dreams’ is by far the hardest song to sing live.

The caption for the IG post was written like this:

“Mikey: For me, Dreams was always one of the high points of the show. Sammy singing that high night after night blows my mind!! 

Sammy: Every time I hear a live performance of Dreams I shake and scratch my head and wonder what was I thinking singing in that register. The hardest song to sing night after night of any song I’ve written in my life!”

It’s obvious that ‘Dreams’ is one of the most difficult songs to perform live, especially if the band has been performing that song all night during a tour. However, it paid off every single time as the song wasn’t stapled in Van Halen’s setlist when it comes to their concerts for no reason, it’s an exceptional joy to watch and listen for the fans.