Sammy Hagar Announces His New Project To Celebrate ‘Van Hagar’ Years With Michael Anthony

Former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing a brand new Instagram account in which he will be sharing exclusive videos and pictures in collaboration with former bassist Michael Anthony from the time when both bandmates were in ‘Van Hagar.’

Nearly every Van Halen fan, as well as the media, uses the name ‘Van Hagar’ in order to distinguish the two legendary eras of the band, one with David Lee Roth to which it was referred as the original name of Van Halen and the other one started when Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen as the band’s lead vocalist back in 1985 quickly after the band parted its ways with Roth, which is often called ‘Van Hagar’ unofficially.

Sammy Hagar has been sharing moments with his former band on his official Instagram page for quite some time now and named them ‘Weekly Van Hagar Posts.’ Fans have been loving to see those special moments from the former member of Van Halen as Hagar also revealed the stories behind those pictures and gave major throwbacks to the band’s fans who have been missing Van Halen since its disbandment after Eddie Van Halen’s passing on October 6, 2020, due to cancer.

Former Van Halen singer has previously shared the moment when he was learning how to play the guitar from the legend himself, Eddie Van Halen, on stage, as well as his first-ever performance with Eddie Van Halen which was back in 1985, in addition to revealing pictures from special photoshoots with all of his former bandmates all of which has been a joy to see.

Now that fans have been eating up those posts, Sammy Hagar decided to turn these ‘Weekly Van Hagar Posts’ into an official Instagram account in collaboration with former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony as he announced via a post on his official Instagram page. Apparently, the two will be diving into their Van Halen archives and share them with their fans to reveal their memories with ‘Van Hagar.’

Here is what Sammy Hagar said in the IG video:

“Hey everybody I got some fresh news for you. Mikey and I have been checking out all vintage footage and stuff we’ve been doing over the years with Van Hagar years and all that and we’ve found out some of the coolest stuff and we’re digging, and we’re digging, we’re finding nuggets every day. And we’re gonna share them with you, we’re gonna start a brand new Instagram account it’s called ‘Van Hagar / Other Half.’ It’s gonna be fun, I can’t wait!”

Van Halen fans have always adored Sammy Hagar’s throwback moments that they have never seen before and now hearing that there’s a page dedicated to those exclusive pictures and stories is incredibly thrilling to many as the official ‘Van Hagar / Other Half’ Instagram page has already more than 30k followers despite now having a post yet, other than the ones Hagar and Anthony shared to announce the page.