Sammy Hagar Explains His Plans To Avoid David Lee Roth During Van Halen Reunion Tour

Sammy Hagar spoke to Geoff Edgers from Washington Post on an Instagram live chat and revealed what he would do to avoid David Lee Roth during the reunion tour of Van Halen.

As you know, Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as the lead singer in 1985 following Roth’s decision to pursue a solo career. Hagar then left the band again in 1996 but rejoined Van Halen between 2003 and 2005. Before the tragic death of Eddie Van Halen and Van Halen’s disbandment, the band was planning to go on a tour named ‘Kitchen Sink Tour.’ The tour never took place, but it was going to feature Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth at the same time on the stage.

Most of the Van Halen fans know that Hagar and Roth have a long-lasting feud between them. They both detest each other, and Hagar mentions his honest thoughts about David Lee Roth every now and then. For instance, Hagar once told Howard Stern that he wouldn’t want to be on the stage with Roth as he is a self-obsessed person. He also spoke to Paulo Baron in an interview and described Roth’s stage shows as cringy.

Speaking to Geoff Edgers during a live chat on Instagram, Sammy Hagar talked about what would happen if the Kitchen Sink tour took place. He revealed that he planned it all before it would turn into a disaster with Roth. Recalling those days, he said he talked about this with Irving Azoff and Eddie. Hagar then stated he had his own airplane, so he would not come face to face with Roth. He also pointed out that the gig would take place in a stadium, so they would not be close to each other.

Moreover, Hagar said he thought it would work out if he would go onto the stage and sing two songs and leave, while Roth would enter and sing two other songs. He also talked about doing an encore for the fans but claimed Roth would never do that.

Hagar told Geoff Edgers that:

“I have all this worked out years ago. Two years ago, I presented this to Irving Azoff and Eddie and everybody while Eddie and I were still talking. I presented it to Irving, I presented it to the band to say we will do it this way. Number one, I have my own airplane, so I wouldn’t have to get in any close quarters with that guy. Number two, we would be playing in stadiums so we would be at the different sides like two football teams. It would just keep us apart.

My concept was to do it like this: I go out and sing two songs, leave the stage, he comes and sings two songs, he leaves the stage, I go and come to the stage. Two songs and two songs, all night, back and forth.

I would totally be willing to do an encore, one of our songs like ‘Finish What You Started.’ It is about the only song that he could possibly sing with his range. So I’d say ‘Let’s do that for an encore, or do ‘You Really Got Me,’’ which I love. ‘You sing the high part, I sing the low part.’ But that wouldn’t ever happen. He wouldn’t have ever done an encore with me. He wouldn’t step on the stage with me. It would be the last thing that he would want to do. We would have been great. We would have made it great for the fans.”

In the same interview, Sammy Hagar also commented on David Lee Roth’s singing. He said that although they are totally different from each other, he respects what Roth did in Van Halen. He then went on to say that David Lee Roth does not sing well anymore although he sounded great in Van Halen before.