Sammy Hagar Admits Using The Van Halen Formula To Record Vocals In The Circle

The vocalist-guitarist Sammy Hagar recently revealed on his YouTube channel that the Circle used Van Halen‘s techniques while recording their upcoming album, ‘Crazy Times.’

Sammy Hagar entered a period of worldwide success after becoming a member of Van Halen, where he delivered the lead vocals for more than ten years. However, he ultimately quit and pursued a solo career. The vocalist, who has been actively producing with Sammy Hagar and the Circle since 2014, is getting ready to drop their newest album ‘Crazy Times’ in a few days.

While fans have been excitedly waiting for it, Hagar has been fueling their excitement by giving detailed information about the album. In the previous days, he revealed that they got along very well with Dave Cobb and said he has been trying to catch the Van Halen sound in Chickenfoot and the Circle.

The Red Rocker recently opened up about how Van Halen’s former producer has helped them add a Van Halen vibe to the upcoming album. Hagar revealed during his recent video that Cobb wanted Michael Anthony to deliver Van Halen’s classic vocals for this new album.

Hagar disclosed that they reached Van Halen’s producer Ted Templeman to ask for further information about the technique he used in the band’s records. Later, they applied the same formula to the Circle’s album and were extremely satisfied with the result.

Sammy Hagar said the following when asked what Dave Cobb wanted from Michael Anthony while recording the upcoming album:

“‘Mikey, I want to hear those Van Halen vocals, those classic vocals, background vocals that sound car-horn. I want to hear that all over this record.’ And he got it. We called up Ted Templeman, who produced all the Van Halen records right up to ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,’ and then I worked with him before, too but worked for Montrose.

We called up Ted and said, ‘Ted, exactly how did you record Mikey’s voice on the Van Halen records because we don’t pay attention to that.’ ‘Oh, the triple track and the double track, one vocal on the second, harmony – that he’s doing with me – and then we ran into this and then used a certain kind of mic.’ We did it, and it was like, ‘Wow! There it is.’ It just captured everything.

You can check out the video below.