Sammy Hagar Admits Being ‘Mediocre’ During Collab With Journey’s Jonathan Cain

Everyone knows that Sammy Hagar sings like a bird despite his age, but he once struggled while trying to sing the vocals of a song. Recently, the musician celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ‘Three Lock Box’ and admitted that he had a mediocre vocal performance on a track he wrote with Jonathan Cain of Journey.

It’s been 40 years since Sammy Hagar released his seventh studio album ‘Three Lock Box.’ He wasn’t alone while recording the album, though — Loverboy’s Mike Reno, Journey’s Jonathan Cain, and Mr. Mister’s Richard Page joined him as guest musicians. One of the songs, titled ‘Remember the Heroes,’ was written by Hagar and Cain and featured Reno’s vocals. As it turns out, the Red Rocker was more fond of Reno’s vocals than his own.

“‘Remember the Heroes,’ what a great song,” said Sammy Hagar. “I wrote it with Jonathan Cain from Journey. That was back when the Vietnam vets were getting us a raw deal, and it was starting to become public. We were already starting to have problems with coming back from war, being drug addicts, not getting help from the government, and having been shell-shocked. So, we wrote a song about it. ‘Remember The Heroes,’ a very great pro-American stance.”

Hagar then remembered how he ended up collaborating with Mike Reno, “Mike Reno from Loverboy was in town, talking to keep Keith Olsen about producing a Loverboy record. And I said, ‘Hey, man! Want to sing in this song? Is that okay?’ He came in, sang, and was great. What a great singer. I can tell you one thing about this, and I hate to admit it, but I had a bad cold while I sang that song.”

He then continued, “I was coming off it, and he was in town for a day, wanted to sing with me, didn’t want to just do it by himself. So, I sucked it up and did a pretty mediocre vocal performance on that song. If you want my opinion, he sang better than me on ‘Remember The Heroes.’”

So, Sammy Hagar, unfortunately, had a terrible cold while recording ‘Remember The Heroes.’ As a result, he couldn’t sing using his full vocal capacity. Now, the Circle singer profoundly admits that he did a mediocre performance on the effort, and Mike Reno’s vocals were better than his.