Sam Fender Confirms Bruce Springsteen Isn’t The Only Rocker He Rips Off

Sam Fender began his music career at a young age and achieved success with his songwriting, layered sound, and high tenor voice. Still, these aren’t the only factors Fender has made it in the music industry; he also had some influences that helped him shape his music. In a new conversation with the Sun, Fender addressed one of those names and cleared the air about the comparisons.

“I’m not too keen on that tag,” Sam said about having the nickname ‘Geordie Springsteen.’ The musician then stated that Springsteen isn’t the only artist he drew inspiration from, “I’m not too keen on that tag. I feel I would rather be me. It’s like, ‘Hang on. I don’t just rip him off; I have ripped off loads of other people.’”

Fender continued, “You take bits from everything as a musician.” The singer then reminded everybody that he had a few things in common with Bruce Springsteen, which fueled the similarities between their music. He noted, “I have a saxophone, and I am from a working-class town, and I speak about working-class life, so it is easy to get stuck in. I can see where the crossover comes.”

While many fans see the resemblance between their sound, Sam Fender never denied the importance of the Boss in his career. In fact, Fender’s brother introduced him to ‘Born to Run’ and ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ albums when he was 15, which contributed to his decision to make music.

Even during interviews, the rocker names Springsteen as a significant influence. “Bruce Springsteen has done 19 studio albums. He’s a genius. He’s one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time,” he once told Belfast Telegraph. However, he always dismissed any comparisons with the musician, stressing that his music has its own identity, “I’m not the next Bruce Springsteen. Hype can be a dangerous thing.”

With his latest interview, Sam Fender wanted to remind everybody that he’s a musician with many influences, not a Bruce Springsteen rip-off. The young singer will have a chance to open for the Boss and E Street Band for three gigs in May and July 2023 in Italy.