Ted Nugent Supports Eric Clapton On His Decision Not To Play Vax Mandated Venues

Ted Nugent recently joined That Jamieson Show for an interview during which he showed his support for Eric Clapton, who decided not to play in venues that require proof of vaccination.

Back on July 19, 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that citizens will have to show proof of vaccination before entering venues. Although this measure was supported by many, several others protested since they refused to get vaccinated but wanted to attend social gatherings.

Eric Clapton has not been a fan of the coronavirus regulations since the pandemic outbreak, and he had made a controversial statement concerning the news. He stated that he would not perform in any venue that requires proof of vaccination as it creates a discriminated audience.

In an interview by That Jamieson Show, a relentless anti-vaxxer, Ted Nugent supported Eric Clapton regarding his decision. He stated that although he is quite eager to make music live on stage with his fans, there won’t be a Ted Nugent tour under these circumstances.

Moreover, Ted Nugent described these regulations as ‘anti-American rules’ and said this is forcing immoral decrees on free people. So, apparently, it is quite possible that fans won’t watch Ted Nugent performing live at the venues unless these regulations ease.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following:

“If there are un-American, actually anti-American rules at some of these venues, there won’t be a Ted Nugent tour. Just like Eric Clapton said, if you force immoral decrees on free people, I will have nothing to do with that. And that would be a shame, but again, I have so many cravings for my music, one way or another.

I’m going to get Greg and Jason to once again punch each other backstage as we get ready. We literally punch each other like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, duking it out to get ready to play these songs because we are so excited to play this music. But if there are anti-freedom regulations they can kiss my flame-throwing ass.”

You can watch the full interview below.