Dee Snider Shares His Favorite Cover Song To Do Live, And It’s From AC/DC

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his favorite song to cover live after a fan hopelessly asked him, apparently, it’s one of AC/DC‘s most famous songs ever, ‘Highway to Hell.’

As you know, Highway to Hell was the opening track for AC/DC’s 1979 album that goes with the same name as the song. The track was initially released as a single in 1979. The song was peaked in many charts including being number one in U.S Billboard Mainstream Rock and it is one of the best-known songs of AC/DC still to this day.

Just like every other fan, apparently, Dee Snider also a huge fan of the song since he performed a cover version of ‘Highway to Hell’ on multiple occasions throughout the years. Furthermore, due to his excellent job at singing the song, many fans agree with the fact that he should have been the replacement for lead vocalist Brian Johnson rather than Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Snider even included his cover version of Highway to Hell in his album, ‘For the Love of Metal(Live)’ which was released on July 31, 2020. The album consisted of 18 songs of both Snider and other musicians along with bonus tracks.

Recently, a fan shared a post on Twitter asking Dee Snider his favorite cover songs to do live and Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page replying to that fan. Apparently, his favorite cover song to perform live, not shockingly, ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC.

Here is what the fan asked:

“Dee Snider, probably beating a dead horse here, what are your favorite covers to do live?

Here is what Snider said:

Highway to Hell

You can see the Twitter post below.