Journey’s Neal Schon Says He And The Who’s John Entwistle Almost Started A Band

In a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Journey’s vocalist-guitarist Neal Schon recalled when he hung out with The Who’s John Entwistle at his house and how the two were almost about to form a band together.

Throughout The Who‘s long-time appearance in the music scene, the band became a prominent act reflecting hard rock and power pop sounds. After gaining recognition in the UK, they also announced themselves in the US, especially following Monterey Pop Festival. As a musically trained member, John Entwistle delivered the bass and some backing and lead vocals for the band’s records.

Although Keith Moon’s sudden passing deeply affected them in the subsequent period, the band kept creating together for a while. However, they parted ways in the early ’80s, and Entwistle’s path crossed with Journey’s Neal Schon during that era.

In a recent interview, Neal Schon revealed that he and Entwistle discussed forming a band together as The Who were not working then. Schon stated that when he went to the bassist’s home, he was surprised to find out that he was living in a castle. The house was so big that the giant dogs looked normal next to it, as he mentioned. The guitarist noted that they tried to create some songs in Entwistle’s castle that day.

Neal Schon said the following about his pictures with John Entwistle on the internet:

“I was hanging out with John Entwistle at that time. We were considering doing a band together. The Who were not working at that time. So he invited me to come to his house in Gloucestershire, England, which was way out of the country. I showed up at his house, and he has these great house walls; he’s in his castle. Freaking, you know. Sixteen-room old castle. And the dogs are the size of horses, but they look small next to the house. They look like the regular size. I’m hanging out with him there, and we were trying to write. We didn’t get much done. We ended up hanging out more and just getting high and acting stupid.”

In a previous tweet, Neal Schon revealed that while he and John Entwistle were hanging out back then, they arranged a last-minute trip to see Eddie Van Halen, with whom he was friends. Schon recalled how they were impressed by Eddie’s performance during Van Halen’s show in Donnington, England.