Ruth Clapton Seems To Have Made Peace With Her Father Eric As She Calls Him The GOAT

Ruth Clapton celebrated her father Eric Clapton’s Father’s Day by sharing an old picture on her Instagram Story and her message proved that the relationship between the father and daughter is going very well after the feud between them finally ended.

As you may know, the longtime feud started when Ruth Clapton attended her father’s 70th birthday party. Eric Clapton got very angry with her daughter after she dressed like Kermit the frog and shared photos from his house. Clapton scolded her daughter since he observed those posts as an invasion of his private life. They decided not to see each other after that incident.

However, last year when Ruth decided to get a divorce from her husband Dean Bartlett, she received the support of her family, including her father’s. In one of her recent interviews, she also revealed that she is talking with her father all the time. According to Ruth’s statement, Eric seemed to not care about all the problems they had before when his daughter needed his support to get through the difficult times.

Recently on Instagram, Ruth shared an old picture of herself with her father to celebrate the Father’s Day of Eric Clapton. In the caption of the picture, she praised her father by defining him as the greatest of all time, the GOAT, and a very kind, loving, and supportive father. So, it seems that the father and the daughter made peace after a longtime feud.

Here’s what wrote in her IG Story:

“Happy Father’s Day to my dad, the GOAT, and the OG. But more importantly, just a loving, supportive, kind father.

You can see the post below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram Stories