Ted Nugent Slams ‘Censorship’ As Attack On His First Amendment Rights

In the most recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent addressed Vimeo and how they removed his podcast from their platform. As the reason, Vimeo stated that Nugent repeatedly violated their streaming policy. Ted referred to Facebook, explaining they ‘censored’ him under the impression of ‘fact-checking,’ and claimed he was stripped off of his Amendments:

“My Facebook, I had up to 36 million Facebook reach when it first started out, before the fact-check liars — they’re liars. They’ve come right out and admitted that they’re not checking facts; they just don’t like what you say. They’ve actually admitted it and they keep getting away with an infringement on my First Amendment.

And if the Department of Justice really had anything to do with justice, they might stop them from infringing on my First Amendment and my Second Amendment and a whole bunch of other amendments.”

He continued by comparing Vimeo’s and Facebook’s censoring policies to dictatorship:

“Referencing jack-booted thugs — you have to have probable cause to enter my domain, but they can enter my domain without probable cause. That sounds like a jack-boot kind of thing to me. That’s what the Nazis did. That’s what our tyrannical governments have always done. That’s what the Chinese do.”

In his speech, Nugent stated his platform has been censored and admitted that he was canceled consequently:

“When I say things like that, the evidence is irrefutable. So the point is there is no First Amendment; it’s all censored. […] And you can see that censorship is now alive and well. It’s controlled, it’s a defanged and declawed, it’s made genteel and — I hate to use the term, ’cause it’s so offensive — politically correct and avoiding the shadow banning of the cancel culture all these new term terminologies. But, yes, here at ‘The Nightly Nuge’, we are censored and we are thrown off global platforms because I speak truth, logic and common sense and I have unlimited evidence to support everything I say.”

In his previous interviews, rocker frequently said that he was not effected by the ‘cancel culture’ or its impact. In a 2021 interview, he argued that he was praised by his fans because he spoke his own truth and represented their truth as well:

“How could I not be confident when just nice people of every color, every ethnicity, every walk of life, every stratum thank me for expressing what they believe? That’s a nice couple there with a nice little kid, and they’re thanking me because they saw me or heard me somewhere promoting the things that they believe in, in defiance of political correctness and the cancel culture.”

In a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent mentioned how he easily found another venue after his initial venue announced they won’t be working with him, because he was cancelled online after his transphobic tweets:

“It’s an interesting cultural anomaly or maybe clusterfuck, that I was canceled from the Birmingham concert because three genders confused Michael Moore fanclub protested. So we booked another show the same night in Brandon, Mississippi, for more money with more people, more piss and more vinegar… So yes, there is a coalescing of spirit in middle finger attitude that we’re playing tonight in Brandon, Mississippi.”

You can watch the episode below.