Rush’s Alex Lifeson Says He Is A Huge Admirer Of Tom Cochrane

Alex Lifeson recently presented Tom Cochrane with the SOCAN Cultural Impact Award and expressed his admiration for the Red Rider singer’s musical work during his speech.

Besides his work with Rush, Alex Lifeson is also a successful solo artist. In 1995, he contributed to Tom Cochrane’s 1995 ‘Ragged Ass Road’ album with his guitar playing on two tracks. Lifeson has been friends with the Red Rider frontman for many years, and they have shared the stage on several occasions, like Canada’s Kumbaya Festival in 1994 and 2018’s Andy Kim Christmas.

Recently, Lifeson had a chance to present his fellow musician Cochrane with the SOCAN Cultural Impact Award for the musician’s 1991 hit song ‘Life Is A Highway.’ Following its release, the song topped the charts in Canada in late 1991 and peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1992. ‘Life Is A Highway’ also brought Cochrane global success, and the following release of the ‘Mad Mad World’ album became a best-seller worldwide.

During the event at the Sheridan Center Toronto Hotel on October 17, Alex Lifeson gave a speech about his close-friend Tom Cochrane. The Rush guitarist stated that he was a friend, collaborator, and a huge admirer of his work. He then revealed that Tom’s 1983 album ‘Neruda’ is among his all-time favorite records. Praising the musician’s talent as an artist and songwriter, Lifeson argued Cochrane created the perfect analogy for what the world had been going through with his ‘Life Is A Highway.’

Alex Lifeson then continued by expressing his thoughts on the hit single ‘Life Is A Highway.’ According to the guitarist, the song is a magical blend of music and lyrics with a catchy chorus that sticks with the listener and explores an uplifting theme. Moreover, Lifeson argued that the track captures the journey down the highway of life and the challenges everyone faces before reaching their destinations.

As reported by Billboard, here is what Alex Lifeson said about Tom Cochrane:

“I am a friend, a collaborator, and like many, many others of his millions of fans around the world, I am a huge admirer of his work. ‘Neruda’ is one of my all-time favorite records. Tom is an amazing artist and songwriter, and with ‘Life Is a Highway,’ he created the perfect analogy of what we all go through.

It is a magical blend of music and lyrics with an infectious chorus that sticks with you and an inspiring and uplifting theme. It captures our journeys down the highway of life, the high roads, the detours, the dead ends, the U-turns, and especially the fear of running out of gas, the challenges we all face to reach our destinations.”

Below, you can watch fan footage of Alex Lifeson and Tom Cochrane’s ‘Life Is A Highway’ performance.