Rush Frontman Geddy Lee Draws Attention To ‘The Marijuana Conspiracy’ Featuring His Daughter In The Cast

Rush frontman Geddy Lee celebrated the annual cannabis celebration, 420, by making a new announcement on his official Instagram account.

In this special day, a cannabis-related movie named The Marijuana Conspiracy released. Even though Geddy won’t use his social media accounts to promote things, this time he wanted to do it for his daughter, Kyla Young.

Geddy revealed that Kyla is a member of the ensemble cast of this movie and showed how proud he is of his daughter. Also, The Marijuana Conspiracy is the debut movie of Kyla.

Furthermore, Geddy paid his respect for his bandmate, Alex Lifeson, by pointing out that this is the favorite day of Alex because he is the pothead of the whole universe.

Here is what Geddy Lee said:

I don’t usually post things about my kids on social media, but today I’m making an exception to shamelessly promote a film in which my daughter Kyla Young is a member of the ensemble cast.

It’s called The Marijuana Conspiracy and it comes out today, 4/20 a.k.a Marijuana Day, which is also my BFF Alex’s *favourite* day of the year because, well, he is the Pothead of the Universe and effin proud of it! So congrats to my lovely daughter Kyla Young , on her film debut! You go girl!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram