Rudy Sarzo: I Never Smoked For 26 Years

Quiet Riot is kicking off an American tour later this April to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Metal Health.’ Bassist Rudy Sarzo recently addressed concerns about his health ahead of the new shows.

One of the 73-year-old’s fans asked on X:

“Are you working hard and in good health, Rudy? Age makes the years of performing so much more painful. Adrenaline, medications, alcohol, & the like just mask the pain. Exercise & working out help, but any P or Jazz Bass get heavy on stage. 2 short scales & a microbass go with me.”

He replied:

“John, thanks for your concern. I’m 26 years sober. Never smoked. Follow a sensible diet, take a multitude of supplements. I get yearly physicals, meditate and constantly keep my Christian spiritual center in check. Married for 40 years. Yoga and gym 5 days a week.”

Spirituality Helped The Bassist’s Sobriety

Rudy Sarzo rose to fame in Ozzy Osbourne’s band in the early ‘80s. That period was when drugs, alcohol, and sex were the motto in LA’s Sunset Strip. But the bassist’s spiritual side kept him away from it.

Kings River Life once quoted Sarzo advising:

“I’ve always wanted to be a recording artist, I wanted to have a long career and I knew you couldn’t have that extra baggage, drugs and alcohol, and that’s stuff you don’t need.”

His words continued:

“It was my choice not to do it, and I had an epiphany, before I joined Ozzy, where I found my spiritual center and without it, I doubt if I would’ve been strong when facing those temptations.”

Rudy Sarzo will get on stage with Quiet Riot at Lava Cantina in The Colony, Texas, on April 25. The band will tour until late November.