Rudolf Schenker Says Eric Clapton Wanted To Buy One Of His Guitars


Scorpions rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker talked about his guitar collection and his favorite one among them during his recent appearance on The World of Vintage Guitars. The musician revealed that he has a unique guitar Eric Clapton wished to buy, but its original owner didn’t want to sell it.

As a person who always had a great interest in guitars, Schenker played various guitars throughout his career. Still, he mostly used Gibson Flying Vs. in some of Scorpions’ iconic stage shows and album recordings. In addition, the musicians worked on his signature guitars, Gibson Rudolf Schenker Flying V, the Dommenget Ferrari V, PGG Scorpions Golden Jubilee Flying V, PGG Veetle Flying V, and The Scorpions V.

Therefore, Schenker’s guitar collection, including specially designed guitars for him and the pieces he bought from different musicians, draws great attention from his fans and peers. In his interview, the rhythm guitarist unveiled that he has many flying V guitars, but the one he loves the most belongs to German guitarist Alex Conti. Schenker stated that he wasn’t the only musician who wanted to buy Conti’s unique guitar.

According to the Scorpions icon, Eric Clapton also wanted to buy this flying V. However, Conti wasn’t ready to sell it, so he owned this guitar thanks to the guitarist’s decision. He added that it’s the best guitar he has and performed the band’s classic hit song ‘Still Loving You’ and its solo by using this guitar. Thus, Rudolf Schenker feels pleased and lucky to have such a fantastic guitar from Conti.

Schenker stated in his interview that:

“I played most of these flying Vs, the old ones I played, but my favorite still is the one from Alex Conti. Eric Clapton was very, very much wanted to buy it. He wanted to buy it, but somehow Conti wasn’t ready to sell it. This guitar from Alex Conti is the best one. I played all this kind of ‘Still Loving You’ and the solo from ‘Still Loving You.’ This guitar is good for everything.”

You can watch the interview below.