Bruce Dickinson Accidentally Hurts Iron Maiden Bandmate During A Live Show

During Iron Maiden‘s performance in Dublin in late June, Bruce Dickinson accidentally hurt drummer Nicko McBrain with a 40-inch symphonic gong.

While the band was performing ‘Alexander The Great’ at the 3Arena on June 24, the vocalist climbed the walkway above the drum kit and hit the gong with a mallet. Upon that, the instrument, which seemed loose, fell behind McBrain and hit his back.

Right after the accident, Dickinson stopped for a moment, gave the audience a smile, and then went to the right side of the walkway. Following his exit, a stagehand quickly resecured the gong to its place.

The symphonic instrument has been a part of Iron Maiden’s stage gear during their ongoing ‘The Future Past’ tour, as their drummer explained in a video back in May. Introducing the 40-inch gong to the audience at the time, McBrain said:

“This is a beautiful Paiste gong. They made this specially for me. They have to make these to order, and I ordered it, like, two months before the tour started — a couple of months ago — and bless their hearts, the guys over in Hamburg at the gong factory made this for me.”

Despite the recent accident, the band’s world tour currently goes on. Maiden will end the European leg of the trek in early August and head to North America in September for a few shows in Canada.