Ronnie Radke Is Accused Of Ripping Alex Terrible’s Vocals And He’s Furious

Falling In Reverse recently released a song titled ‘Ronald.‘ The song is a collaboration with Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible and Tech N9ne. Though this new track got many good reviews from metal fans, some are accusing Radke of ripping Alex Terrible’s vocals off.

In response to the claims, Radke shared a video on his TikTok account. He started his video by reading a comment from his recent song:

“Dude’s really gonna pretend he did Alex Terrible’s vocals? This is proof that star power doesn’t necessarily make a good song. Tech and Alex are better than this…”

He then went on to explain that people were hating on him for so long that they didn’t realize he could do ‘anything good’:

“Guys, I don’t think you realize when you think you’re insulting and you don’t believe I can achieve or do things with my vocal abilities or any other aspects of my life, so you just post these comments, right? But what you’re not realizing is, those are my vocals. So all you’re doing is complimenting me and I know you don’t want to hear that because you don’t want to compliment me. You don’t want it to be me, you want it to be someone else to take the credit for all the good stuff about anything.”

He continued:

“I hate to break it to you but most of those vocals are just my vocals. All the vocals you hear my mouth moving are my vocals. Some of the devil vocals are moving that you hear, are my vocals. I’m sorry man, I wish you well. Maybe next time.”

Radke’s Problem With Slaughter To Prevail

Though Radke is known to have controversial opinions and feuds with several rockers, Alex Terrible isn’t one of those people. However, fans of the band are what he has issues with.

Radke took to X to share his thoughts on the metal music scene and the fake fans who only go to the shows to fight other people. He also slammed STP fans:

“Who remembers when Bring Me The Horizon broke through the scene barrier, and all the hardcore kids got pissed and came to their show to try to fight them? Slaughter To Prevail everybody loved 2 months ago until the band started exploding and rising above that small venue hardcore scene now they are Nazis and Trump lovers.”

As much as he doesn’t like the band’s fans, he doesn’t have a problem with the members. He added:

“The ironic thing is most people in hardcore scene talk about how communism is a good thing in our capitalist country when Alex and band left Russia a communist country to America for a better life. I know Alex, and the band. He’s a wonderful human being.”

You can see Radke’s TikTok video below.



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