Ron McGovney Shares The Backstory Of Metallica’s ‘The Young Metal Attack’ Slogan While Displaying Their Original Business Card

Metallica‘s original bassist Ron McGovney shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the story behind the first slogan, ‘The Young Metal Attack’ in addition to unveiling the band’s original business card which had a different slogan on it that says, ‘Power Metal.’

As many of you might already know, Ron McGovney formed his first band named Leather Charm with his childhood friend, future Metallica frontman James Hetfield. Soon, when Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich formed Metallica back in October 1981, McGovney joined their band, becoming the original bassist for Metallica.

Recently, Ron McGovney shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the original Metallica business card which has the phone number McGovney had in his bedroom way back in 1979 and remained the same until 1987. McGovney looked back at the time when Metallica first started and thrilled their fans with this epic nostalgia.

Here is what McGovney said:

“Original Metallica business card. The phone number was the one I had in my bedroom in 1979. I moved to our rental house two doors down in 1981 and took the number with me. That house was where Metallica started. I lived in a condo 1983-1987 and had that same number.”

Since there is a slogan on the business card that says, ‘Power Metal,’ a fan shared a post on Twitter asking McGovney where did their first-ever slogan, ‘The Young Metal Attack’ come from since it was written all over the merchandise, from t-shirts to badges which made the slogan their trade-mark.

Here is what that fan asked:

“That’s so awesome, Ron.. where did the phrase ‘young metal attack’ come from, though? It was always my understanding that the first ‘slogan’ LOL”

After the question that every Metallica fan has been dying to find out, Ron McGovney shared another post on his official Twitter page revealing the story behind their epic slogan. Apparently, frontman James Hetfield or drummer Lars Ulrich came up with the line back in the day, however, McGovney stuck to the ‘Power Metal.’

Here is what Ron said:

James or Lars I guess. I just remember having the shirts printed with that slogan. I did Power Metal though.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.