Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood Announces He’ll Join Eric Clapton In Helping Recovering Addicts

Rolling Stones’ iconic guitarist Ronnie Wood recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and announced that he’s honored to be an ambassador for Turn Up For Recovery and that he’s excited to be a part of such a meaningful organization and give back the love and support that he received during his recovery from addiction.

As you know, Ronnie Wood is one of the most well-known guitarists in the rock scene and although he achieved worldwide fame after joining the Rolling Stones in 1975, he also pursued a solo career and is known for his successful collaborations with famous musicians such as Prince, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Aretha Franklin and many more.

However, just like numerous influential rock figures, Wood also struggled with addiction and his recovery process was very challenging. He has been quite open about his struggle with alcoholism and in July 2008, he had revealed that he’s checked himself into rehab six times, the last time being right before his daughter’s wedding.

Knowing how hard it is to overcome addiction, which is considered to be a disease, Ronnie Wood decided to contribute to a good cause and join Turn Up For Recovery (TUFR). TUFR is an organization established by Melia Clapton, Eric Clapton’s daughter. As she experienced addiction first hand, Melia decided to establish this organization so as to tackle the stigma around alcoholism and addiction and to raise awareness and educate others about the power of abstinence-based recovery.

Eric Clapton is also highly involved in TUFR and he sure is thrilled to collaborate with Ronnie Wood on such a meaningful project. As the vision of the organization is to ‘bring people together through music to have a good time, talk about recovery and raise money for others to get the help that they need,’ there is no doubt that it is the perfect place for Ronnie and Eric as they have both the necessary experience and the talent to bring people together with their music.

Here’s what Ronnie Wood in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“I am proud to announce that I am now an ambassador for Turn Up For Recovery. Turn Up For Recovery’s mission is a subject very close to my heart and I am so honored to become an ambassador for this brilliant organization. Turn Up For Recovery brings people together through music to support recovery for addicts, and their friends and family. To become a part of that is my way of giving back, as I am so grateful for all the care and support I’ve received along the way, in my recovery.

My new signed, limited-edition print in support of Turn Up For Recovery, Affirmation 1, featuring the phrase ‘When I Take Care Of Myself I Can Achieve Anything’ is available now from the link in the bio.”

You can check out Ronnie Wood’s Instagram post below and click here to find out more about Turn Up For Recovery.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Wood – Instagram