Paul Stanley Addresses The Anti-Maskers, ‘If You Don’t Share My Beliefs Please Stay Away From Me’

Paul Stanley, who is the co-founder and bass guitarist of KISS, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and called out to the anti-maskers once again.

In the post, Paul mentioned that he is still wearing a mask when he is in close proximity to other people even though he is vaccinated and said that if you think the opposite way, you need to stay away from him and the people he loves.

Furthermore, Paul suggested to the anti-maskers that if you feel sick during these times, you should stay at home instead of going to the hospital and treat yourself to overcome this fake disease.

Additionally, Paul pointed out that if people want to make a change, they should be vaccinated and become a part of the solution to reach freedom. Afterward, he shared a picture of himself without wearing a mask during the cycling session after getting vaccinated.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“By the way I still wear a mask when I’m in close proximity to others out of concern for them. If you don’t share my beliefs please stay away from me & those who feel as I do. If you do get sick please play fair & don’t go to the hospital. Treat the Hoax at home. Now let’s all move on.

Wait for change? Sure, and while you do… Make change! Get vaccinated and be part of a solution. My first day riding without a mask. Another mile towards freedom.”

You can check out the post below.