Roger Waters Urges Fans To Take Action To Live In A Country ‘Free From Uniformed Thugs Kicking In Their Door’

Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page openly showing his support for ‘Palestine Action’ in addition to encouraging his fans to support them in order to save innocent children and people of Palestine.

As you might know, ‘Palestine Action’ is a growing network of groups and individuals targeting Elbit Systems which is an Israeli firm that profits from the deaths of the Palestinian people due to testing their weapons on a captive population of civilians, most of which are children and refugees.

There are many musicians who showed their support for Palestinian human rights through sharing posts on their official social media accounts, however, those actions don’t seem to be enough since many people try to directly target Elbit Systems in order to end the tragic incidents.

Just like other musicians, Roger Water shared a post on his official Twitter page addressing the issue by stating that everybody should support Palestine Action just like he does in order to stop Elbit Systems and ‘uniformed thugs,’ as Waters stated, from killing innocent children.

Here is what Waters said:

“IF you want to live in a country FREE from UNIFORMED THUGS kicking in your door. IF you want to shut down Elbit Systems, ISRAEL’S KILLER DRONE factory in England IF you want to stop them KILLING THE CHILDREN. Support PALESTINE ACTION, I DO.”

You can see the Twitter post below.