Roger Waters Shares A Video Message To Open Up About Colombia Protests

Legendary rock band Pink Floyd’s co-founder, co-lead vocalist, and bassist Roger Waters shared a video on his Twitter account. He expressed his agony for the Colombian government’s harsh response to the protestors and wanted them to stop.

Roger Waters has been always sensitive about innocent people’s sufferings from all around the world. He has been actively involved in BDS for about 16 years now. BDS stands for Palestine-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. He shows his support for the basic human rights of the people of Palestine which are being taken by the Israeli government.

Even If he was called anti-semitic because of his criticism against the Israeli government, he insisted on defending the rights of Palestinian people who were under great pressure. Also in almost every interview, he targetted the racist and homophobic people from both sides of America. Recently, he criticized the Colombian government because of its harsh response to the protests in the country, which started on 28 April as an opposition to a now shelved tax reform.

On Twitter, Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters recently shared a video message to express his concerns and sadness about the people of Colombia who faced the harsh response of the police during ongoing protests. Waters stated that he is aware of the current difficulties the Colombian people are struggling with and urged the officials to change their attitude towards the protestors. Roger also mentioned that even though he is not sure what he should do about the problem, he wished the protestors luck ‘getting rid of Ivan Duque Marquez Basta.’

Here’s what Roger Waters stated in the video he posted:

“My friends from Colombia who are this message is for… You have been reaching out to me on social media. So, because there is great unrest on Ivan Duque Marquez, your ruler in Colombia. When I was there in Bogata a few years ago, during a show, I remember we wrote on ‘Pig.’ They flew out over the audience. It was during a time of unrest amongst students of the university.

And I remember when ‘Pig’ came out without written on it was a huge reaction for the audience because that I was making a joke about the facts about Colombia. I am telling you this because my experience has always been the same in almost all countries certainly South and Central America that I’ve visited over the years. The polices are murdering your children in Bogota. As they are also in Santiago, Chile, and Bolivia, as they are in Ecuador.”

He continued:

“It’s no surprise. The reason they are doing it because you the people had finally enough of this Spanish, Portuguese and fucking English whomever they might be. They have been stealing and raping the land ever since. We need to protect our community leaders to restore power from colonialist elites who have been plundering our lands for this. So why I am sending you this message? Well… Because to restore more power to you. You are so right. We live in momentous times. Thank goodness.

We are beginning to understand I we organize, we stand up for ourselves, we will continue to restore the rest of the power of Europeans ad to at least redistribute some of the wealth in America amongst the people who have been living there for ten thousand years before the colonialists arrived. That’s enough of political speech. I notice you. I’m hearing your voice. My heart is fucking bleeds to the fact that they are murdering your children in the streets. And I don’t know what I can do. Make a noise? I’m with you. You will be able to bring peace to your beautiful country. Good luck getting rid of Ivan Duque Marquez Basta.”

You can see the tweet below.