Roger Waters Says He’s A Lanky Prick Who Is Always Right About Everything

Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters posted a tweet to share his recent video about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who has been in prison for two years. He called out the government for setting him free by defining himself as a ‘lanky’ person who is always right.

As you might know, Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 and attracted great attention when after releasing confidential information about the U.S. government, which he got from U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. These leaks consisted of the Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video, the Afghanistan war logs, the Iraq war logs, and Cablegate.

After these leaks, which caused a severe crisis in the world, the government launched a criminal investigation, and in 2019 Assange was found guilty of breaching the Bail Act. However, many people have been targeting the government since then for violating freedom of speech by arresting Assange. As one of them, Roger Waters joined many protests and marched to the embassies many times.

Recently, WikiLeak’s official Twitter account released a video in which Waters was criticizing the U.S. authorities who were against free journalism. Roger Waters said that Julian Assange is one of the most important figures of this century, and they won’t stop targeting them until he is set free. Also, Waters described himself as a ‘lanky prick who is always right about everything.’

In Waters’ words, he said:

“Our voices will become louder and louder and louder until Julian Assange is set free.

Waters’ tweet read as follows:

“Who is this lanky prick who’s always right about everything? Who cares, just free Julian Assange!

You can check out the tweet below.