Roger Waters Reacts To Festival Cancellation, Vows To Perform Despite Antisemitism Accusations

Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters has found himself at the center of controversy once again. Frankfurt’s city council recently announced the cancelation of Waters’ performance at an upcoming festival on May 28, citing his alleged ‘antisemitic’ comments. However, Waters has taken to Twitter to make a bold statement, insisting that he and his band will perform at the canceled show regardless.

Waters has faced accusations of antisemitism in recent months, stemming from his outspoken stance against the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. Despite defending himself with detailed explanations and maintaining his position, the backlash has persisted, leading to the cancelation of several concerts, including the one in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt city council holds a 60% stake in the rights to the festival, giving them the authority to cancel Waters’ appearance. The decision to cancel the show was reportedly based on the musician’s contentious remarks. In response to the cancelations in Germany, comedian Katie Halper started a petition to reverse the decision. In fact, several high-profile musicians, such as Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Eric Clapton, and former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel, have signed the petition in support of Waters.

Undeterred by the cancelation, Waters took to Twitter to express his determination to perform in Frankfurt on May 28. The rocker expressed that human rights and freedom of speech matter more than anything, so he will continue to stand with the Palestinians.

Roger Water’s tweet about going to Frankfurt despite the show cancellation read:

“Frankfurt counsel were legally required to respond to Roger Waters interim injunction by midnight April 14. Did they? Nobody knows? We can only guess what’s going on in Frankfurt? Are they playing for time? Who knows?

Not that it matters much! We’re coming anyway! Because human rights matter! Because free speech matters! Yes! Frankfurt city council, we remember Kristall Nacht! Like Sophie Scholl, our fathers stood with those 3000 Jewish men, and today, we stand with the Palestinians! We’re coming to Frankfurt on the 28th of May!”

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the Frankfurt city council will react to Waters’ defiant stance. Regardless, his unwavering commitment to his beliefs and his determination to perform highlight his drive to fight for free speech and human rights in the world of music and beyond.