Heart Icon Ann Wilson Criticizes The Greedy Music Business

Heart’s Ann Wilson recently talked about the creative process of making a song and how the business aspects affect it. She stated the business aspects endanger the creative process when it comes to releasing a piece of music.

When a song creator steps into the music industry, there are more things they should consider before making and releasing a song. If artists are not independent, they usually have to go through record labels to see which one is the right fit for them. Even then, they sign contracts and become owned by the company as far as that contract goes.

The musicians’ hands are tied and have to favor the company most of the time. While the artist is concerned about the creative aspect, the companies are more worried about the profit they will make. Songs closer to mainstream music are now streamed more on the radio and on the charts. Therefore, companies are seeking more radio-friendly tunes.

Prioritizing the finance puts the artist in a cage where they need to produce something to gain more listeners and make money which can endanger the creative process. Recently, Heart’s Ann Wilson addressed this topic and stated that it is vital for the creative process not to be exposed to the business process. She said that maintaining their distance has always been complicated between musicians and companies because there’s greed involved.

Here is what Wilson stated about this topic:

“I think it’s very important to keep the creative process pure. One thing that happens if you don’t keep it pure if you start to mix the creative in the business is that you start listening to the record company. For instance, they say, ‘We don’t hear a single, you should write something more like what’s more the radio.’ That’s nothing got to do with creativity. That’s got everything to do with making money. Greed. It’s always been difficult between the merchant and the artist.”

You can watch the whole interview below.