Roger Waters Issues An Ultimatum To The Pink Floyd Fans Who Can’t Stand Him

Roger Waters’ recently kicked off the UK leg of his tour in Birmingham and made his point against the ‘antisemitism’ criticisms that have come back to haunt him over the last month. During his show at the Utilita Arena, the singer said to the crowd:

“They’re trying to cancel me like they canceled Jeremy Corbyn and Julian Assange. I will not be canceled. If you’re one of those ‘I love Pink Floyd, but I can’t stand Roger’s politics’ people, then you might do well to f*ck off to the bar.”

The rocker was under fire after wearing Third-Reich-esque stage prompts during his show in Berlin that resembled an SS officer. German police also started an investigation claiming the rocker had disrespected Holocaust victims. Roger explained himself with a tweet where he said:

“My recent performance in Berlin has attracted bad faith attacks from those who want to smear me because they disagree with my political views and moral principles. The elements of my performance that have been questioned are quite clearly a statement in opposition of fascism, injustice, and bigotry in all its forms.”

It’s not the first time the singer has faced Germany head-to-head since Frankfurt’s city council tried to cancel his concert over accusations of antisemitism after criticizing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. Following a legal face-off that was in Waters’ favor, the singer took to Instagram and wrote:

“Frankfurt court finds Roger Waters canceled show can proceed because the court finds: ‘Roger Waters is not an anti-Semite!’ And ‘His use of costume parodying the German Third Reich during the show is ‘an acceptable use of an artistic license to warn us all of the dangers of the current resurgence of fascism in the West.'”

You can read the tweet below. You can read the Instagram post here.