Rod Stewart Is Now A Jazz Singer

Rod Stewart recently chatted with People and announced he was now a jazz singer.

The rocker opened up about his decision of genre-switching while discussing his wish to reshape his discography and signaled that a jazz album was on its way. He said:

“There’s only so many years I want to keep singing ‘Hot Legs’ and ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ This [his upcoming jazz album] really is fine music, and I’ve got the voice and the talent to pull it off, as you will hear when you hear the album.”

However, with his decision to switch genres, it seemed that Sir Rod’s ‘stadium’ gigs would be put on hold as the singer expressed his wish to perform his new album in smaller venues, stating:

“I can’t imagine doing great big venues with it — we’ll have to do smaller venues, which will be fun with a 19-piece orchestra. Rod is now your jazz singer.”

Stewart then detailed the makings of his new ‘jazz’ album in the interview, sharing how he has collaborated with pianist Jools Holland and was planning to release the record on Valentine’s Day next year.

Previously to these, the singer also recently made headlines when rumors regarding his possible ‘retirement’ due to health concerns surfaced throughout social media. However, the 78-year-old Sir Rod interfered with the allegations and shut down the rumors, saying ‘he’ll never retire.’