Rock Hall CEO Gives Rage Against The Machine As An Example To Furious Iron Maiden Fans

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President and CEO Greg Harris addressed the disappointment expressed by Iron Maiden fans to Audacy after the band was left off the 2023 inductee list. He insisted the band would eventually get in; they just have to wait their turn.

Iron Maiden fans were left feeling upset when their favorite band was not included in the list of 2023 inductees, despite being nominated for the second time. Instead, Rage Against The Machine, Kate Bush, Willie Nelson, Missy Elliott, Sheryl Crow, The Spinners, and George Michael were selected as this year’s inductees. Some fans had previously criticized the decision to induct rapper Jay Z back in 2021 instead of Iron Maiden, questioning the Hall of Fame’s selection criteria.

In response to the criticism, Greg Harris acknowledged the passion and dedication of Iron Maiden fans and provided an example to help put the situation into perspective. He mentioned Rage Against The Machine, who had been waiting for five or six years before finally being inducted this year. Harris emphasized that the majority of nominated bands eventually get inducted, and Iron Maiden probably will be one of them.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President and CEO Greg Harris’ words about Iron Maiden read:

“We love that people care — that they care if they’re in or out and that their fans care. Now the truth is anybody that’s nominated, the odds are good that they’re eventually going to get in.

In fact, I think it may be as high as 90% eventually going in. Rage – this was their fifth or sixth time on the ballot. And so sometimes it takes a while.”

He added:

“But let’s see where it lands. Right now, let’s celebrate this year’s class, and we can start to debate about next year’s class once the spotlight is off of this year’s class.”

While Iron Maiden fans may be disappointed now, there is still a good chance their favorite band will be inducted in the future; they just have to be patient and wait for their time like Rage Against The Machine. Harris encouraged fans to celebrate the current inductees and look forward to the possibilities in the coming years.