Robert Plant’s ABBA Story That Was Denied By The Band’s Spokesperson

Rock music history is full of countless crazy stories fuelled by drugs, alcohol, and sex. Some are so extreme that we may find them difficult to believe. Most rock stars, including the biggest names in the industry, have performed outrageous acts that grabbed the headlines in some part of their lives. Excessive substance abuse played a significant role in many of these wild incidents.

There are hundreds of myths about musicians, although the media have exaggerated some. Outlandish stories regarding these rockers’ sexual affairs also have been a part of the rock world for years. One of these sex stories came from Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant when he claimed to watch live sex with ABBA stars, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson.

How Did ABBA React To Robert Plant’s Claim?

In 1978, Led Zeppelin traveled to ABBA’s Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, to begin recording their eighth and final studio album, ‘In Through the Out Door.’ Thus, Led Zeppelin members had a chance to meet ABBA during this time, and they even shared some memories, according to lead vocalist Robert Plant.

After some time they spent in Stockholm, the singer spoke to a Swedish TV show and said that he and his bandmate, Jimmy Page, would go to some local sex clubs there. He then claimed that ABBA members Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson would also come along to get away from their wives. Plant revealed that they would hang out together a lot during that time. They would watch men and women having sex in front of them in those clubs.

Here are Robert Plant’s statements on hanging out with ABBA:

“I knew Benny and Bjorn very well. Jimmy and I were hanging around with them most nights. There were some really good clubs. People would go to bed on circle-shaped mattresses in front of us. Men and women would start having sex while we were having a drink.”

However, an ABBA spokesperson later showed up and denied what Robert Plant claimed. The spokesperson stated that Plant made it all up, and Ulvaeus and Andersson have never been to a place like that with Plant.

ABBA spokesperson’s reply to Plant’s claim:

“They’ve never been to any sex club with Robert Plant.”

Led Zeppelin and ABBA had very different lifestyles at the time, but we don’t know whether that stopped them from hanging out together. Both sides claimed the opposite versions of the story, and their fans didn’t hear any other statement from them in the following years, leaving this incident a mystery.