Robert Plant Reflects On The Possibility Of His Retirement

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was interviewed by The Telegraph and revealed whether he plans to retire after fifty years of writing, composing, and performing. It seems like Plant will be very strict when it comes to his decision about his career.

Along with his career as Led Zeppelin’s lead singer, Robert Plant has also pursued a music career as a solo artist for many years. He thus preserved his fame and commercial success and proved that he could continue to be successful after Led Zeppelin by releasing eleven solo studio albums. In addition, Plant released four complications and five collaborative albums, which hit the charts and sold millions.

Therefore, Plant can be described as a very productive artist who has collaborated with several successful musicians. The singer released his latest and second collaborative studio album entitled ‘Raise the Roof’ on November 19, 2021. Plant and American bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss’ collaboration and harmony received very positive reviews from their fans and music critics.

On the other hand, people started asking the Led Zeppelin legend whether he would retire soon. Robert Plant answered these questions, saying that he cannot imagine his life without producing music and performing on the stage. He stated that he will always be a student who is very eager to learn until his last breath, even though he is considered one of the world’s most talented and experienced frontmen.

Plant said in his interview that:

“People used to say to me, ‘Well, you must have done enough now?’ Enough of f*cking what? ‘Enough to retire!’ So imagine the blessing to be 40 years further down the road, and I still don’t know enough to stop in any respect. There’s always something new to learn, somewhere new to take it. I love it.”

It seems like the Led Zeppelin icon will continue learning new things about music, which he defined as an everlasting process. His longtime dedicated fans were pleased with the singer’s decision not to retire and reflected their thoughts through their social media accounts.