Robert Plant Reflects On Lemmy Kilmister’s Singing Technique


During a new episode of Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant talked about his collaboration with Scott Mathews, ’12 Harps,’ saying that male-male duets are more difficult to do while likening Lemmy Kilmister and his band Motörhead to Peter Pan and Wendy.

Robert Plant has started to work on making a podcast named ‘Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast’ in which he tells the stories of the songs selected throughout his career. And later on, he released a two-disc compilation album titled ‘Digging Deep: Subterranea’ to accompany his podcast on October 2, 2020, and the anthology is known to include three previously unreleased tracks.

As you may know, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has collaborated with Scott Mathews on ’12 Harps,’ a track which appeared on Matthews’ 2009’s album ‘Elsewhere.’ In the new episode of his podcast, he also discussed his collaboration with Matthews, commenting on his singing techniques and saying he is a different kind of a singer than Plant himself is. He commented upon male-male duets saying they are more difficult than the others, and telling he only appears as a supporting voice when working with female musicians.

Robert Plant also mentioned during the lockdown he listened to The Louvin Brothers who are a prototype of The Everly Brothers. He then compared their technique to Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead, saying they make the late singer and Motörhead seem like Peter Pan and Wendy.

Robert Plant said during the podcast that:

“Talking about what I have listened to in the lockdown, I have listened to The Louvin Brothers a lot, who were a kind of a prototype on the bench Everly Brothers from the fifties. And listening to [the] singing [of] two brothers like Don and Phil Everly, and listening to those country singers, knowing full-well that they are gonna kick ass afterwards and do some terrible damage which makes Lemmy and Motorhead seem like Peter Pan and Wendy compared to what those guys got up to.

They sing these sweet things and they have got all of this strange might technique backing off the whole deal, knowing when to do that, knowing how to allow the other voice to add a particular range to come through and have something that glistens. It’s great.”

Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast began its fourth season on May 24, 2021. Recently, Robert Plant shared the fourth episode of the podcast on July 5, 2021, on his YouTube channel.