Robert Fripp Covers Metallica’s ’Seek And Destroy’ With His Wife Toyah Willcox

Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox have been hosting their Youtube audience in their kitchen for their entertaining ‘Sunday Lunch’ series and have released many covers so far. Their last cover came from Metallica. Robert Fripp played the guitar while his wife, Toyah Willcox, sang ‘Seek And Destroy.’

Toyah uses her Youtube channel quite actively, and their kitchen, where they make these covers, has also been the scene of different series, some featuring the King Crimson legend. For instance, in the ‘Toyah & Robert’s Burning Question’ video series, they answer comments and questions from fans. In the ‘Toyah & Robert – Objects Of Desire,’ they introduce some objects from their homes that are meaningful in their lives. The fun moods and chemistry of the duo while shooting these videos are apparent.

This isn’t the pair’s first Metallica cover, as they performed a version of the band’s famous song ‘Enter Sandman’ in January 2021. They are not only limited to Metallica; they have also played and sung their own versions of the songs of rock giants such as Pantera and Ozzy Osbourne, and their videos have reached millions of clicks. There are already 109 videos on their ‘Sunday Lunch’ playlist, as they share one video per week.

With their little touches to the songs, they take their already almost palpable fun mood one step further. For example, in their recent video, we see two squeaky toys in Willcox’s hand, so ‘seek and destroy’ becomes ‘squeak and destroy.’ However, these small and entertaining touches to these ‘big’ songs have been met with severe criticism besides many positive comments.

Nonetheless, the duo has already made it explicit that they don’t care about the negative comments and that if they can help even one person get out of bed with these hilarious videos, it is worth it. The comment section under the video reflects that the couple has found an audience that appreciates their humor.