Robert Downey Names His Favorite AC/DC Songs

For the ‘Oppenheimer‘ press tour, Robert Downey Jr recently answered ‘The Web’s Most Searched Questions’ in an interview with WIRED. When asked whether he liked AC/DC, the actor gave a short answer by naming his favorite song. He said:

“C’mon! Of course. ‘Back In Black’ from the first ‘Iron Man.’ Thunder! [Makes guitar strumming sound] There’s your sound bite, buddy.”

‘Back In Black’ created a link between RDJ’s character and AC/DC after the first film. Director Jon Favreau kept this connection throughout the rest of the series and featured the band’s ‘Shoot to Thrill’ in one of the key scenes in ‘Iron Man 2.’ In 2010, he explained his choice to LA Times by saying:

“When I was watching AC/DC with my wife and my son, and they were playing ‘Shoot To Thrill’ at the Forum, I thought, you know, this is how he [Tony Stark] should show up, right in the middle of this and take the armor off. That’s the Tony Stark version of doing things.”

The movie’s soundtrack album had fifteen more AC/DC songs. It debuted at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, giving the band their third number 1 album in the UK.