Robby Krieger Recalls Mick Jagger Witnessing Jim Morrison’s Acid Trip

During a recent appearance on Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast, The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore remembered how Mick Jagger caught Jim Morrison while on an acid trip.

The Doors’ groundbreaking singer Jim Morrison left his mark on the rock and roll scene with his charismatic look, effortlessly cool style, poetic lyrics, and unique vocals. His wild behavior, the power to mesmerize a crowd, and whole persona led him to create one of the most potent images of any rock star in the history of music. Yet, the singer had intense drug and alcohol abuse.

Considering the lyrics and statements of Jim Morrison, it was evident that he was trying to cope with some traumatic events and his depressive mode through creative activities. However, his heavy use of drugs and alcohol began to suppress his talent and concentration in music. He also went through many troubles with the authorities. After struggling with fame and addiction for years, the legendary rocker passed away in 1971 due to heart failure.

During a new interview, Morrison’s bandmate Robby Krieger recalled one of the times the singer was under the effect of acid. The guitarist explained that Morrison’s mood was not stable when he took acid. He was sometimes great, but he withdrew into himself on that night. The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was also there to watch them perform. Densmore said they would want to impress and have good relations with Jagger, but it was just the wrong time to do that.

One of Jim Morrison’s acid trips, in Robby Krieger’s words:

“Sometimes, when he took acid, he was great. But this time, he got introverted, and he just didn’t move around much.”

John Densmore added:

“He saw a moth on the astroturf and picked it up and was examining it.”

Krieger continued:

“And it didn’t help that his girlfriend. Pam was sitting with Mick Jagger on the front row.”

Densmore again:

“Jagger went out for dinner with us right before. We wanted to be good for him, and damn it! Somebody asked about it, and he said in Melody Maker, ‘The Doors are nice chaps, but they went on a bit longer.'”

You can listen to the entire podcast below.